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History and The Present

Research Institute of Food Industry was founded in 1958 by an act of the then existing Ministry of Food Industry and Purchase. Since then it has played an important role in the scientific and technological research in this country and abroad. It has become an institution dealing with fundamental and applied research, with developments in food chemistry, biochemistry and engineering.

The Institute functioned as a budgetary organization since its establishment till the year 1991. In 1992 the Institute was transformed into a contributory organization, a part of its budget has been refunded by the Ministry of Agricultural of the Czech Republic, the rest has had to be obtained by activities bringing in the necessary funds. The Institute has changed its name. Now it is called the Food Research Institute Prague.

The transformation of the Institute into a contributory institution necessitated further changes in the field of activities. A certain amount of works bringing in revenues had to be supported because they secured the funds needed for the operation of the Institute to the full extent.

In the course of more than 40 years of its existence the Institute went through a complicated evolution before it – in spite of certain limitations and problems characteristic for all research institutions – attained the present standard of a complex organization fully capable to deal competently and at a high level with projects of basic, branch and applied research in the field of chemistry, biochemistry, food technology, food engineering and techniques and nutrition.

The seat of the Institute is Prague 10, Radiova 7, where the research projects concerning chemical technology, food engineering and nutrition are dealt with.

The main aim of the Institute of future depends in securing of healthy and safe nutrition for the whole population of the Czech Republic. All the above mentioned activities of the Institute are concentrated at attaining of this objective.

Food Research Institute Prague is a member of Association of Research Organisations (AVO) and Food Technology Manufacturing Centre (CPTT). FRIP is a contact place ofEUFIC (European Food Information Council) for the Czech Republic.

Management of the Institute

Ing. Marian Urban, Ph.D.

+420 296 792 302, +420 296 792 209, +420 737 287 003

Hana Kýhosová
+420 778 446 845

Ing. Ivana Laknerová
Deputy director – Head for science and research
+420 775 888 019, +420 296 792 368, +420 296 792 397

Martin Hofman
Economic manager
+420 737 287 022, +420 296 792 237

Departments of the Institute

Departement of Research

Mgr. Radko Pechar, Ph.D.

+420 775 435 055, +420 296 792 252

Ing. Ivana Laknerová

+420 775 888 019, +420 296 792 368, +420 296 792 397

Supervisor: Ing. Aleš Landfeld [Ales.Landfeld@vupp.cz]

The main purposes of the department are: evaluation of fundamental and minor, nutritionally significant constituents of food; development of the product range for rational and diet nutrition; cultivation of microorganism which focuses on optimizing the creation of products including biomass; preparation and isolation of products serving as nutrition for humans and animals either as the main nutriment or as additives; designing ways of using food and agricultural waste (secondary raw materials) as the source of these substances; and development of methods for evaluation of food quality.

• Methods of evaluation the nutritive and additive substances
• Rational and special nutrition
• Sensory analysis
• Chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology of food and food materials
• Physiology of microorganism in food and forecasting models of their growth in food and food materials
• Sanitary of food and meals from microbiological view
• Probiotic features of microorganism, cultivation of probiotics
• Relation of probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics
• Methods of demonstrating the authenticity of foods, including their use

The 2nd main purposes of the department are: applied research in the field of nutritionally important substances; application of microorganisms in sustainable production of food and human nutrition, including the application of predictive microbiology in ensuring safe and sanitary food; research in the field of modern food processing procedures including their mathematical modeling and establishing the necessary physical features. Research and development of technological process

• Research and development of new products, recipes and procedures
• Separation technology
• Fermentation technology
• Collection of microorganism
• Processing food and agricultural waste including their hydrolysis and processing hydrolysates
• Food engineering
• Manufacturing processes; their study, designing and modeling
• Physical features of food
• Bank of physical features of food
• Nanotechnology


Board of the Institute

Ing. Dana Gabrovská, Ph.D. – chairman

Ing. Ivana Laknerová – deputy chairman

Ing. Milan Houška, CSc.

prof. Ing. František Kvasnička, CSc.

Ing. Aleš Landfeld

Ing. Jan Plicka, CSc.

Ing. Marian Urban, Ph.D.

Supervisory Board of the Institute

Ing. Jitka Götzová; MZe – chairman

Ing. Iva Blažková, Ph. D.; MZe

Bc. Tereza Zrnová; MZe

prof. Ing. Vladimír Filip, CSc.; VŠCHT Praha

Ing. Jiří Pondělíček, Ph. D.; PK ČR

Ing. Petr Roubal, CSc.; VÚM s.r.o.


Anti corruption

Výzkumný ústav potravinářský Praha, v. v. i

Food Research Institute Prague

Radiová 1285/7
102 00 Praha 10 – Hostivař
IČ: 00027022
DIČ: CZ00027022

Where you can find us

Výzkumný ústav potravinářský Praha, v. v. i.

Food Research Institute Prague

Radiová 1285/7
102 00 Praha 10 – Hostivař
IČ: 00027022
DIČ: CZ00027022

Data box ID: p96gp4k
Telefon: 296 792 100
E-mail: vupp@vupp.cz
Internet: http://www.vupp.cz

Gender Equality plan has been created and it is currently pending a multi-stage authorization approval. Once the authorization is completed the document will be published in 2024.