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For rent
this building (1080 m2) is for rent, see a larger picture, Contact: Mr. Sevcik, Phone: 296 792 239, 296 792 263, GSM: 737 287 021

Posters of FRIP 2010 >>>more

Publications 2009

Annual Report 2009

Department of Nutritive Substances - new projects

11th International Congress on Engineering and Food
iCEF11, May 22-26, 2011, Athens, Greece, http://www.icef11.org/

HighTech Europe
Food technologies Brokerage Event, Food Factory for the Future 2010, 30th June-2nd July 2010, Flyer (.pdf), Registration form (.doc), http://www.enterprise-europe-network.ec.europa.eu/public/bemt/home.cfm?EventID=2371

Our institute is beneficiary of the project of the 7. FP HighTech Europe, details see http://www.hightecheurope.eu/


Annual Report 2008 >>>more here

Research activity 2008
>>>more here

Posters of FRIP 2009
>>>more here

Publications 2008
>>>more here

Patents and Utility models
>>>more here

Database of Physical Properties of Foods,
provision of numerical data on rheological, thermal, mass properties, electrical and other properties ►list of foodslist of physical properties of foodslist of references of documents available in databank, Contact: Ing.Mayer Zbyněk,CSc., e-mail: Z.Mayer@vupp.cz, Ing.Houška Milan,CSc., e-mail: M.Houska@vupp.cz

Database of surface heat transfer coefficients for model foods placed into the display cabinet
Database was prepared by Ales Landfeld, Karel Hoke and Milan Houska (Department of Food Engineering) >>>more here

Selected Fruits and Vegetables.
Compendium presents data of physical properties of fruits and vegetables such as density, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat, specific enthalpy. Compendium was published by Food Research Institute Prague and International Institute of Refrigeration, Paris. Publications has 92 pages and it is published in English. It is possible to request it from Food Research Institute Prague, Radiova 7, Prague 10, Czech Republic, fax: +420 272 701 983, e-mail:vupp@vupp.cz

19th Working Group on Prolamin Analysis and Toxicity

30th September - 3rd October 2004 at Masaryk College, Prague, the Czech Republic
registrafion form
>>>photo 99 kB

CEE-foodindustry: http://www.cee-foodindustry.com

Here is an iteresting web site of  BIOTREND, internet address is www.biotrin.cz

Dr. Ivan Bohačenko: Contribution of the research sphere to the issues of food adulteration

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