Department of Technical Policy
Head: Dr. Ctibor PERLIN

about us:

Department of Technical Policy deals with the issue of the implementation of the European directives covering the integrated environmental pollution protection in the local food processing industries. It ensures the building and updating of the databases of food processing companies, their production parameters and the level of their equipment, and monitors the development of the best available technologies and the appearance of any EU reference documents in the respective branches of the food industry.

we offer the following services:

  • complete technical and advisory support in the sphere of Integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC)
  • elaboration of a technical statement supporting the integrated permit application by FRIP experts
  • presentation of information on best available techniques (BAT) and pertinent reference documents (BREF) elaborated by the EU Working Group
  • organization of technical workshops with experts for associations of food industries, food producers and all persons in food processing community interested in IPPC
  • consultancy in elaboration of an appeal against the decision on the integrated permit application

our team:

name phone 296 792 ... e-mail
PERLIN, Ctibor,  Ing. CSc. 344
SIMUNEK Zeno, Ing. CSc. 226 -