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Long-trem objectives

1) Support of Food Science and Technology on Czech Universities and Research Institutions

Incorporation of Food Sciences into the list of official science branches used by Governmental Council for Research and Development for administration and financing purposes. So far, Food Sciences are represented by a single item "potravinarstvi" (freely translated as "food production") within the branch of "Agriculture" only.

Change of title and/or structure of subcommitees of the Grant Agency of Czech Republic (GA CR) within the committee Agriculture. So far research projects dealing with Food Science and Technology are all incorporated in a single subcommittee ”Agricultural products, food production and ecotoxicology”.

To stimulate Czech authors to publish original papers in international food science and engineering journals and in the Czech Journal of Food Science editor@uzpi.cz.

2) Promote the cooperation of research organisations and universities with industrial practice

Food technology manufacturing centre - http://www.vupp.cz/envupp/cptt.htm , Centre of high pressure application in Food processing.

3) Support of international cooperation

Informing Czech food scientists and professionals about IUFoST and EFFoST activities.

Introduction of a "Food processing and technology" session on international CHISA - congresses in Prague (organised every two years between ECCE Congresses).

4) Place of food research scientists within the research and development community in the Czech Republic

Award to the author of the best paper for young scientists in the branch of Food Science and Technology.


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